Saving Burlesque

Performers and fans join together to try to stop legislation that could potentially halt shows.


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The Art of Pin-ups

Philip Borg has studied the classic pin up artists for years and he hopes to redefine the genre.

Fraubraun Fashion

At the launch party of the online store, owner Stefanie Braun shows off her vintage collection modelled by 'real women.'

Chap Olympiad Vi

Cucumber sandwich tossing and umbrella jousting are just some of the challenges chaps take on, fully equipped with a gin & tonic at hand.


Twin & Tonic: Support Saving Burlesque

Swing band sympathises with the current situation facing performers in London.

Twin & Tonic formed in January 2008 as part of twin vocalists Karen and Louise's Burlesque themed birthday.

With the party's success the group took their passion for all things vintage and continued to play songs from the 1920's to the 1950's.

After an impromptu performance in central London the band took time to dissuss their ties to burlesque. Often playing alongside burlesque acts, Twin & Tonic could not imagine labeling the art form as adult entertainment.

To show their support the group has performed at the Save Burlesque fundraisers and other demonstration events.




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