Saving Burlesque

Performers and fans join together to try to stop legislation that could potentially halt shows.


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Burlesque Protest March

The burlesque community sets out to Camden Town Hall to educate those on the council on their art form that had been deemed adult entertainment.

Twin & Tonic: Talk Burlesque

The band takes over the streets of London with a live performance and also discusses the importance of burlesque at their shows.

Chap Olympiad Vi

Cucumber sandwich tossing and umbrella jousting are just some of the challeges chaps take on, fully equipped with a gin & tonic at hand.


Painting Pin-Ups

Artist Philp Borg discovers the skill that went into painting these glamour girls.

Pin-up girls once dominated the covers of magazines, calendars and billboards in the 1920's to 1950's. The portraits emcompassed more than just a pretty face but an empowered attitude as well.

Originally intended as a way to practice with oil paints, Philip Borg soon learned the complexities and techniques required to painting pin-up girls was no easy task.

Inspired by artists like Gil Elvgren, he painted several replicas then set out to paint his own modern day pin-ups documenting the progress every week on his website.

Video by Karunya Keshav



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